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Bus-Approach for Engineering and Design of Feedback Control


Prof. Dr. Zacher Serge, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical and Information Technology and Verlag Dr. Zacher, Germany


A new method of design of closed control loops with one or more controlled variables is proposed. A feedback control system, represented with traditional transfer functions, will be described in the non-traditional way as a bus. It allows the use of all known engineering methods for feedback control in time domain, Laplace-domain and frequency domain. It is not a real field bus like used in the industry communications, but a symbolic one, which could be calculated for engineering purposes and also simulated with MATLAB/Simulink. For a simple control loop with only one controller and one plant the bus-approach has not much advantages against traditional block diagram. But the application of the bus-approach for the systems with many controllers or many plants, for redundant control and for MIMO-Control (Multi Input Multi Output) has many significant advantages, which are shown in proposed paper. It is possible to tune MIMO controllers avoiding methods of state space control and to realize them without decoupling. For this purpose a new element, called router, is proposed, witch distributes the actuating values to appropriated places of the plant. All results were tested by projects, the theoretical backgrounds are published in https://www.szacher.de/my-Books/Bus/.


mulitivariable mimo control, redundant control, cascade control, closed loop control, feedback control  


Serge, Z. (2019). Bus-Approach for Engineering and Design of Feedback Control. In M. Shelley & V. Akerson (Eds.), Proceedings of IConEST 2019--International Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology (pp. 26-27). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 14 July 2020 from www.2019.iconest.net/proceedings/13/.


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