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Perceived Dimensions of Quality in Small‐and Medium‐Sized Enterprises


Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Attar, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


The small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) have great value in the service field and contribute effectively to the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Quality and customer satisfaction are the main key to success for companies and industries due to increased competition in the business environment. This research aims to examine the key constructs of quality dimensions in SMEs using a pool of peer-reviewed papers. A coding scheme is developed based on the quality dimensions identified in the literature. Then, it is validated by a number of experts to ensure content validity. The Computer-Aided Text Analysis (CATA) and principal components analysis (PCA) is utilized to examine the relative contribution of each dimension to the total variability. Results of the study indicated that the quality dimensions in SMEs are dominated by multiple meta dimensions. The research findings will help stakeholders and decision-makers improve the quality of service provided to the customers as well as provide a platform for the development of instruments that can be used to measure customer satisfaction in small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises.


small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises (smes), quality dimensions, customer satisfaction, computer-aided text analysis (cata), principal components analysis (pca)  


Attar, M. (2019). Perceived Dimensions of Quality in Small‐and Medium‐Sized Enterprises. In M. Shelley & V. Akerson (Eds.), Proceedings of IConEST 2019--International Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology (pp. 15-25). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 29 February 2020 from


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